Monday, July 19, 2010

Qatar Bidding for 2022 FIFA World Cup

I thought, just before '2010' is finally just a memory forming part of history, I would post some pics of the five stadiums proposed by Qatar in their bid for the 2022 FIFA worldcup.

Designed by Albert Speer & Partner GmbH, these proposed designs are not only 'over the top' amazing in aesthetics, but will also include 'state-of-the-art' technology in order to rise above the competition when bidding. Solar technology will be used to power these structures, climate control technology will ensure a constant temperature inside of 28 degrees Celsius. As we all know it gets really hot up there and as soccer is a winter sport, this will be the first ever 'cooled' outdoor sporting event. [that is if Qatar wins the bid] Inspiration came from Qatari culture and traditions and the relationship they have with the rest of the world.

So what happens after the worldcup? You don't see many Qatari soccer players now do you? They are planning to dismantle many of the modular components of the stadiums, no longer needed, and ship it off to other countries in order to promote development of the sport.

Lets hold thumbs for Qatar as these structures are really something amazing and will be a great contribution to the world of Architecture.

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