Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh Dear, Megan

The first impression I got of Megan was "bright blue and green glasses". This was the , how to know who to look for, sms I got from her while frantically trying to find parking somewhere not too far from Table Thirteen in Greenpoint. It's funny because those glasses, my first impression, sums up her 'bright and colourful' personality perfectly!

It was such a pleasure meeting Megan and very early in the conversation I learnt that she shares my love for antiques. Her jewellery basically consists of old treasures. Pieces that tell a story, each piece something special and unique. No two will ever be exactly the same. She goes around to markets and old shops to scratch around for old military buttons, pins, beautiful old coins and my favourite, insides of old watches. The latest addition to her family are little moulded animal heads. They look like hunting trophies except no animals were hurt. They are gorgeous! I was fascinated by Megan's jewellery when she took everything out to show me. An oldish lady at the next table even had a look and loved it.

Megan uses only South African finds in her jewellery. According to her and I completely agree, South Africa has so much of it's own beautiful things to offer. Why import expensive materials when you can create amazing pieces from what we have right here.

Megan has a really good working relationship with Sarah Jane from I Love Leroy, which has already opened many doors for her. Oh dear, Megan jewellery has been featured in Elle and also 10 and 5 did an interview with her. Even though she is still studying, she is well on her way to becoming established and is hoping to exhibit at Design Indaba. We will be holding thumbs! Once again I was so inspired after lunch with Megan, keep up the great work! I also got two lovely coin brooches from Oh dear, Megan, thank you I love them! Visit her blog to stay upto date with all her beautiful things.

All images were received from Megan


  1. Oh my!

    Please let me know where I can buy jewellery from Oh dear, Megan. It's so beautiful and right up my alley. Does she have an online store?

    Also, incidentally, how is Table Thirteen? Never been but been meaning to go...


    Me, Jade

  2. Hey hey you can phone her on 082 695 3889. Tell her where you read about her :)also you can go to

    Table Thirteen is divine! You have to go. They have really interesting food.

    Have a beautiful day*


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