Friday, September 24, 2010

Recreate's new shop

Sometime this week, driving down Albert road on my way home, my eye caught a glimpse of something that looked like the Recreate logo. I stormed into the apartment, very excited and e-mailed Katie immediately. She replied with the yes word. Indeed she will be opening a Recreate shop in Albert road, Woodstock, on Friday [Heritage day]

So Friday came, I was in front of the shop by 9:30, on our way to Paarl for braai day with my lovely family. They were still moving and cleaning the last bits before the shop would open at 10:00. I was a tad early, but Katie was so sweet and friendly and let me in with my camera to take a few snaps to show you the inside of the beautiful shop. It looks like a little house on the inside and all the areas are so well displayed. It feels homey in a strange way. She has so many awesome furniture pieces in the shop, great accessories and lights and tons of vintage suitcases and treasures. I am sure the shop will be a great success and I can see myself popping in there quite regularly to stare at and admire all the pretty, really clever recreated items. Once again someone really inspiring, making things happen for herself.

Go visit Katie and her Recreate shop 368 Albert road, Woodstock. Also visit her website

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