Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RayBan Wayfarers for me!

It was my birthday on Monday, the years are coming and going faster and faster, it's really scary! So I spent my weekend baking cupcakes, cookies and cake, for my tea party on Sunday. It was a terrible day [weather wise] in Cape Town unfortunately, but what a lovely day [everything else wise]! It was so great having my friends with me, stuffing our faces with sweet-stuff, tea and catch up chats. Thanks to everyone joining me for my special birthday tea. And big thanks to my family and boyf for making my birthday on Monday [I absolutely hate all Mondays] so so special!

My very special friend Kobus [Jack, to those who know him from work :)] who probably knows me better than most people, got me these out-of-this-world-awesome pair of 1950's RayBan Wayfarers! I cannot actually explain to you how fab they are and how much I love them, plus they are really original 1950's wayfarers! They sleep next to me on a fluffy, soft little pillow and will be spending every second of summer with me. I can't wait to take these babies to the beach! Thanks Kobi, such a perfect and special gift. I had to share it with everyone, because I know so many people will now be super jealous!

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