Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summer vibes

Planning weekend or after work activities have changed a bit since we got a pup in May, going for walks on the beach and in dog parks have become common activities, not that I don't love it, but sometimes you want to go for a cocktail after the walk. Most or almost all places are not pet-friendly, for obvious and very understandable reasons. Pets and restaurant food don't mix so well, luckily in Camps Bay we have Sandbar. Yay! After your walk on the beach or day spent at the beach with your boyf/girlfriend/friends and fluffy best friend, head over to Sandbar where they even bring your thirsty pup a doggie bowl with water. Dogs are very welcome there and the cocktails are great! So everyone is happy.

So on Tuesday, it was a gorgeous Cape Town day, the boyf and I took the pup for a walk and play on the beach and then took him for a nice cold drink of water at Sandbar. We think he loved it :)

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