Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wonderbag TM

What a great idea! Heat retention cooking by using a bag specifically designed to maintain the temperature of whatever you put in it, whether hot or cold. Such a great way to save energy and money. It is specifically aimed at communities with high poverty rates, a shortage of fuel supplies, a high incidence of health problems associated with air pollution [from fires used to cook food] and injuries resulting from fuel fires [used to cook food].

Basically how it works is, you cook the food, depending on what you are cooking, for a certain amount of time and then take it off, put the pot in your Wonderbag TM, seal the lid of the bag tightly and viola, when it is dinner time your food is cooked, saving you half the energy, electricity/fuel.

This is for such a good cause, helping the environment as well as poverty stricken communities. This is the way to go, we all need to be as helpful to the environment and communities where poverty rates are really high, as we possibly can.Thanks to Natural Balance for doing more than their part with lots of great projects, now including the Wonderbag TM. Visit the website for more information.

All images are off the Natural Balance website

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