Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amazink Eatery

Definitely adding "Take a trip to Khayamandi [outside Stellenbosch] for some truly South African food, on Saturday" to my very long "To do list".

Amazink Eatery serves traditional South African meals and a great vibe. It is close enough to take a drive through for the day [if you live in the Cape Town region] and has an original, well priced menu.

Amazink Eatery is at the Ikhaya Trust Centre in Khayamandi. While it feeds the locals [South Africans] amazing well-known foods, like pap & wors, beef stew & pap & pumpkin fritters, vetkoek, mmmm yummy,  it is aimed at tourists. Growing the tourist interest in Khayamandi.

Very exciting and I can't wait to pay them a visit myself. For more information, menu and opening hours visit Amazink website.

All images are from the Amazink website

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