Friday, November 26, 2010

Cape Town Festival of beer

For the first time we have full-on Beer Fest in South Africa, and how lucky are we as Capetonians to have it right here at Hamilton's rugby club in Greenpoint.

Thanks to Sascha and Shafeeka from Rabbit in a Hat Communications for the invite. What an amazing event. There are all kinds of beer to taste and buy, from the usual ones we all know Peroni, Miller, to some new ones, I even tasted cherry beer! Very interesting drink, almost like a cider but not.

There is a huge Black Label tent [sponsor] with live bands playing, there are food stalls for the hungry, competitions, raffle sales and another tent with all the different brewers and beers to taste and enjoy! I had such a good time, especially because the weather is playing along so nicely so far. There is a great vibe at the Beer Fest, great beers. Get a few friends together and head over there for some beer tasting and fun, tickets are only R50 and you get them at the entrance. Just remember to organise a Designated driver or Taxi.


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