Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas wishlist_ Pretty Pinks

I surprised myself the other day when I bought a very pink dress! I am not at all the 'buying pink outfits' type! Don't get me wrong, my bedroom use to be very pink, I do love the colour. Never to wear though, so I bought a very pink little dress from Mr Price the other day, and I love it! This summer i have a new pink crush and love all thing (not too)pink, floral and birdie. Like these great finds I also got from Mr Price! I am kind of like a walking advert for them :) a Floral scarf, pink floral alice bands, a birdie in a cage necklace as well as the large rose necklace and some really pretty hair pins. 

So on my Christmas wishlist are some pretty florals with hints of soft pink. It is fun and so feminine.

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