Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tamara Cherie Dyson

Tamara Cherie Dyson, a fashion design student in Cape Town, but also an up-and-coming fashion label! I am very interested in seeing what this girl will still do... She is a crazy, passionate designer with great ambitions. Inspiration comes from different areas of design like architecture, fine art and illustration and also designers like Stella McCartney, Celine, and Erdem. Apart from planning to further her studies in the UK, focusing on knitwear, her ultimate dream job is to be Artistic Director at Chloe [French fashion house founded in 1952]

"I am constantly searching to better myself in all that I do."

"One word to describe my design style is STRUCTURAL.  I enjoy creating assertive paradoxes within my garments - feminine vs masculine; tendance vs classic, simplicity vs sophistication."

Keep an eye on this girl... Go here for some more designs

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