Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Trinket Designer Brooches started in November 2009 when Elske felt the need to escape, what so many of us designers wish to escape, "the sitting in front of a PC at the same desk all day everyday" job. She decided to go on her own as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and so Trinket was born.

"I think I started my brooch range to keep me inspired"

Elske combines natural with mechanical to create these gorgeous brooches like combining natural shapes (like flowers) with mechanical elements (like cogs) and combining stainless steel with wood. Her main inspiration is nature and she uses mainly materials like stainless steel, wood and perspex. I absolutely love the combination of steel with wood as well as the steel with plastic, the contrast between those materials make for a guaranteed success!

"I like combining natural elements with mechanical or industrial shapes"
The names are all very sweet, creative and perfectly suited to each piece, buying a Trinket brooch is such a treat each brooch comes packaged in a hand-made mushroom pouch! How cute is that and so special...

Trinket brooches can be found at selected boutique shops all over South Africa, for stockists go here and also visit the website for more pics and contact details. Well done to Elske on creating something truly unique, fun, sweet, beautiful and so wantable!

All images are off the website as well as from Elske

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