Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Comfort by Tina Bester

I trust everyone had a fabulous long weekend, some lucky folk out there still have weekend. For the rest of us it's Monday today, but also Friday! Yay. I got this little cookbook by Tina Bester [Queen of tarts in Observatory] for a friend as a birthday gift the other day and she loved it. On the weekend my mom got it for me :) Happiness! It is such a special gift, I love recipe books but it's something you don't usually buy for yourself. Comfort has some really yummy recipes inside, something of everything from breakfast to lunch, dinner and dessert! And the photographs and props used are so pretty. I love my Comfort book and can't wait to use it to cook for friends.

Tina's Bake recipe book is next on my list, I absolutely love baking anything. Especially late on Sunday afternoons when you start thinking about Monday, I bake cookies or cupcakes to make the Sunday blues a bit sweeter. So if ever you don't know what to get your girl friend or mom [mother's day's coming up] as a gift... this is the perfect ones, Comfort or Bake by Tina Bester.

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