Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I saw a super cute little brooch on Embracing style the other day and clicked on the link, I just had to see what else Heather's Leathers has to offer... the cutest, colourful, fun brooches made from leather! Love it, so I found out a bit more about Heather and her leather...

Heather is actually a graphic designer/illustrator who loves working with her hands. What started as a button fetish, earring making, soon turned into experimenting with leather [as suggested to her by a friend and fellow designer] and the love affair began. The leather brooches started with one she made for herself that had to match her crazy, eyeball, Iron Fist heels and pretty soon she made them as gifts for friends, friends wanted to buy some as gifts and pretty soon everyone wanted them.

Heather started a website and it has been great ever since. Future dreams and plans include hairpieces, bags, etc and to have some Heather's Leathers in some of our great local shops. Watch this space... and Heather, keep up the good work I am pretty sure we will see Heather's Leather brooches all over very soon.

"I am so very excited at the response my brooches have received and I'm always so happy when someone appreciates them."

All images are off the Heather's Leather website

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