Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Royale burgers

Oh my yum! I went for burgers at Royale last night with my very special friend :) I must admit though in the five years I have lived in Cape Town, this was my first time going to Royale! Very embarrassed to admit, but at least now I've been! And will keep going back and back and back again. 

I had the Costa Nostra [I think thats what it was called] and it was amazing, like eating little bits of amazingness... 150g yummy beef patty with roast veggies and sun dried tomato pesto! There are so many burgers to choose from plus a huge vegetarian selection of burgers, which I have to admit sounded really yummy. Also for the non-burger-eating folk, they do serve pizzas and pastas as well as salads. Well worth the visit, especially between 16:00 and 18:00 when they have twilight specials... R30 for selected burgers and R10 for a beer.

Thanks Lea for introducing me to the wonderful world of the Royale burger...

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