Monday, May 30, 2011

You & Me & Everyone we know market

 Hope everyone isn't frozen solid after this weekend... brrrr. Staying in was definitely the trend this past weekend in Cape Town. It was slightly chilly to say the least. I, myself stayed under the blankets and in front of the tv with lots of coffee, hot chocolate, cookies and "Lie to me" episodes. We did however brave the outside world on Friday night (which was surprisingly not cold!) to go to the You & Me & Everyone we know night market at the Labia. There was such a great vibe and warm atmosphere, awesome clothes, gluhwein and friendly, happy people. You & Me & Everyone we know market has a night market every last Friday of the month and it is well worth the visit, Friday was the last one until Spring time though. There are great stalls, beer, some DJ's and more. We will miss you YMAEWK market, but be happy when you're back!

Due to the incredible amounts of people at the market, taking photos of anything but people was kind of impossible, but I will be posting the jersey I bought some time this week :)

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