Monday, October 24, 2011

Laureen Rossouw

As you all know by now, I did an internship at Elle Decoration not too long ago. It was so exciting to meet Laureen Rossouw, editor of Elle Deco and I was so pleasantly surprised. Laureen is the most fascinating person I have ever met... The end

I absolutely adore her, she is so passionate and driven! I sourced and worked on a photoshoot with her during my internship and enjoyed being around her so much. She knows so much about everything and sees potential in almost anything. What amazed me most was her ability to multi-task... She takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. While driving around sourcing stuff Laureen can concentrate on where she has to drive to, while thinking of what she needs to get from there, while thinking about where else she wants to go, while thinking of how to get there, while thinking about the shoot we are sourcing for and also the next shoot, while asking me about myself, while telling me great stories! Amazing...

It's difficult to explain, but she is almost like a source of knowledge, inspiration and creativity and once you have had the privilege of working with her and absorbing some of that, you want more and more. She notices everything even if she is one of the busiest people ever, she always complimented me on what I was wearing and without realising it made a huge impression on me in a very short time. 

On my last day there Laureen brought me a present, now I must just explain something first... I absolutely love anything vintage, Milnerton market is my favourite place in the world and so is any second hand shop. Laureen knew me for about 2 weeks (my first week at Elle I worked on location all the time and the second week Laureen wasn't there, so she knew me two weeks) and gave me one of the 'best suited to me' presents I have ever received. I posted a pic for you to see at the bottom. It is a custard yellow jug and now one of my favourite things I own. In such a short while she summed me up perfectly.

So if any of you ever get the chance to work with or for her, grab it with both hands, she is truly fascinating, amazing, inspirational, creative, etc. Thanks for everything Laureen.

Dankie Laureen, sonder dat jy weet het jy n groot impak gemaak!  

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