Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So once again I am blaming work load for my 'blogging absence' even though that is really no excuse, all the blogs I read are people with extremely busy lives and they still manage to keep their wonderful blogs up to date, so I just have to work harder #thatsall 

Its that time of the year... silly season! And I am having a blast doing my Christmas shopping one bit at a time, no last minute rush this year. And it is actually such a special experience finding the perfect gifts for all the people I love. Unfortunately I can't blog about any of those gifts because, well thats kinda obvious I think. 

So it is time for Christmas wishlists and ideas, gift wrapping ideas and pretty table decor ideas... watch this space. I have always, always been a fan of Fossil and fell so head over heals in love with some of their current goodies. The watches are to die for and so are the bags and wallets. Here are some of my favourites...

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