Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am a very big fan of the creamy ice namely ice cream, like I'm sure most people are. Shockingly I have to admit that I have never had home-made ice cream in my life! You heard me, never. So as soon as I am somewhere close to where I can get my hands on some home-made Creamery ice cream I will be taking complete advantage of the opportunity! 

What a yummy idea, to make and sell home-made ice cream, mmmmm. The Creamery makes, as they say "Honest-to-goodness, made-from-scratch, not-your-average ice cream" and I cannot wait to taste some. They have their regular flavours and also some limited edition ones that you can all order in advance to guarantee that you get what you want when you go collect your tubs of yumminess. The best part is they have an ice cream club! Go have a look at the ice cream club details over here.

I will be sure to check in at one of their stalls or shops that stock Creamery ice cream, pretty soon! For more information and to order your own Creamery yumminess go visit their website here... enjoy!

All images are off The Creamery website

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