Thursday, April 5, 2012

We have been living in Somerset West since the beginning of the year and it really does have its perks... Everything I could possibly need is 10 minutes drive away, no traffic, always parking, we can live in a much nicer place for a much better price, etc. But I miss Cape Town so so much, so every now and then we go on Cape Town outings. 

Yesterday I went by myself and had a great me-day! Kicking it off with a delicious coffee at Haas, then a visit/shopping at (oh my word I am so in love with that shop, but more about that next week), Babette pop-in (more next week), lunch with my special friends at Company Gardens, Vamp and Salt river arcade visit, major shopping at Merrypack and then some cork buying (will share later in the month). I was exhausted last night, but had a really lovely day in the mothercity.

Here are one or two pics...

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