Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crazy_but true!

Sutyagin House_Russia

Apparently the world's tallest wooden building[while we're on the wood topic of wooden sculptures], Sutyagin House at 13 storeys tall is staring demolition in the face.

This is such a crazy house, but is no longer legal or safe. Nikolai Sutyagin has spent the past 15 years building this house. What was supposed to be a double storey house, ended up being 13! He continued building after 2 storeys because he felt that he was not using enough roof space. The one-time gangster, Nikolai, calls it his 'happy accident'. Now broke, Nikolai and his wife actually live in this house, on the bottom floor. Brrrrr! Note the snow... Then note the very not-insulated structure!

Yup I know, this is no young South African designer [us South Africans have way better things to do with our time] but I found this and was amazed. It's awesome and I hope Nikolai finds a way to save his 'happy accident' from demolition... Maybe one day when I'm rich I'll take a trip to Russia and go see it.

All images are from www.worldarchitecturenews.com 

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