Monday, July 19, 2010

Pie Paloozas Button Boutique

These are so awesome, I want them all! They are all made of buttons [hence the 'button boutique'] and are so fun and colourful. Made by Jessica Faye Bourke from Cape Town, Pie Paloozas has a huge range of earrings, broaches, rings and hairclips. I am sure this creative lady will come up with lots more great jewelery pieces made from buttons. 

I have posted only a few so you can have a sneak peak, but you can go check out lots more on the blog or search Pie Paloozas on Facebook. 

For the perfect gift for yourself, your best friends, your mom, your granny, cousins, nieces... anyone! Go grab a pair, or seven, at Ebony in Franschhoek or Camps Bay. Plus how inspiring is this?! So proud of you Jesse! 

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