Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Photography is clearly running in this girl's veins. Coming from a family interested in photography, Alix actually studied art direction at AAA [in Cape Town] This driven creative, however, needed something more than just having an eight to five job behind a desk. So after working at King James Advertising for about a year, she decided to throw all caution to the wind and dive head first into the huge world of photography.

She also considered taking up sewing and French classes[now that she didn't have to sit in an office all day], but that didn't work out as well as she had hoped. I myself, have bought the language learning DVD's and phrase books. You never actually do it.

Alix is a really talented photographer-in-the-making and is still learning a lot every day. Watch this space! The next big thing in fashion photography [her passion] will be Alix-Rose! She has admitted to being a fashion blog and fashion photography addict and her favourite fashion photographers include amazing talents such as Valerie Phillips, Nirrimi and Tim Walker.

"I know I have a very long way to go, 
but I'm completely and utterly inspired"
Alix Rose Cowie

Last month Alix entered the Elle and Samsung New Talent Photographer Search and found out last week that she has been chosen as a finalist! Great going girl and we are holding all our thumbs for you. Let us know if we need to go vote somewhere. Have a look over at http://alixisforhire.blogspot.com/ for even more great photos. All photos posted are copyright of the photographer Alix.

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