Friday, August 6, 2010

Tashkaya and Design For Style fashion show


Rooted had it's first Media outing last night [5 August 2010] to go see the Tashkaya fashion show at the Butterfly studio, organised by Design for Style. Needless to say I was really excited, so was the first person there. Overeager? Maybe a little. I was let in by the bouncer only to see that it was just the models and myself there. Luckily ten minutes later the people started filing in. It was really nice to see so many people attending this event, everyone very friendly and happy. Such a great vibe. Everyone was chatting away, some old friends, some new friends that met at one of the DFS shows and some just random strangers striking up conversation. It felt so nice to be a part of this growing success which is DFS fashion shows. 

The designer, Natasha Teplitsky, was floating around greating people, chatting and laughing, not even looking the least bit stressed. How did she do that? Looking glamorous and as if she has been doing the fashion show-thing for years. As soon as the start of the show was announced, the lights and music changed and the models started walking in, the venue went quiet. Everyone enjoyed and loved it, you could feel it in the air. The range modeled was the 2010/2011 Tashkaya summer range. It includes some really summery dresses, flowy and floral materials and some great neutral colours. Also some greys and tight fitting tops and sexy tight dresses and mini-skirts. Truly a great range and, once again, very wearable. The designer did great and so did the models, showing off the designs beautifully. 

The night was a great success and congrats to Natasha on a really stunning summer range. This girl is going places, watch this space!

Well done also to DFS on organising great, really successful fashion shows. Design For Style [DFS] was started in order to showcase yound-up-coming designers who are looking to crack the fashion design industry. Shows are held every second Thurday and it happens in series. They are now in series two and each series consists of five shows. You can find DFS on Facebook or Twitter They also have a blog Find Tashkaya on Facebook!/Tashkaya?ref=ts

Thank you Tashkaya and DFS for a great evening and Rooted wishes you all the best of luck, Natasha, keep up the good work and DFS for all the up coming shows. I will definitely be back for the next show! 

All photos were received from Design For Style


  1. Nice going Ingy. Mistaken for a model were we? Well now, why am I not surprised!!

  2. Thank you for a great review!! We hope to see you at our DFS Finale.


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