Tuesday, August 3, 2010


How fun is this? Wozela wants to find the perfect design for reusing our very proudly South African, noisy vuvuzelas, after the worldcup. You can send in your design in any format be it scribbles, photos, video. The closing date is 30 September 2010 and there are some great prizes to be won. Go visit Wozela at www.wozela.co.za. The winning design will also be made and sold, all over, by local artists and craftsman. All proceeds will go to these artists, so thats your good dead for the year, helping someone. You get the fame and glory. Go have a squiz at some of the great ideas and if you think you have a winning idea, go post it on their website. It's really quick and easy! 

  Vuvu straw holder_Megan Bernstein / Vuvu Earings_Megan Bernstein / Vuvu Candle Moulds_MeganBernsttein

  Vuvu Wall Sconce_Kathy Mellor / Vuvu Vase_Kathy Mellor / Vuvu Candle Holders_Kathy Mellor

  Vuvu Chandelier_Louise Pretorius / Vuvu Soccer Ball_Louise Pretorius / Vuvu Windmill_Louise Pretorius

  Vuvuphone_James Clayton / Vuvu Shoes_Craig Haynes / Vuvu Fruit Picker_Tyler Botha

  Vuvu Speaker_Jannie Gerber / Vuvu Table Ver3 / Vuvuzelight_Holly Jade

  Vuvu Root waterer_Rinus Uys / Vuvu Shower head_Louise Pretorius / Vuvulens_Husayn Gertse

All images are from www.wozela.co.za

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