Monday, August 2, 2010

Tim Gates_Aspiring young designer

Interview with Tim Gates

Be sure to keep an eye on this one... Fashion is his absolute passion. Some people watch TV in their spare time, some read, some play with the dog, some eat, some complain, not Tim Gates, in his spare time he thinks up and makes gorgeous garments. Still studying [final year at Fedisa school of fashion design], I am sure he will start taking the fashion world by storm next year. He is motivated and knows what he wants, watch this space...

I sat down with Tim in an interview to get to know the person behind the designs...

Rooted: What did you want to become while you were growing up?
Tim: I was always changing my mind, from farmer to chef, then eventually settling on fashion design.
Rooted: Who is your hero? 
[Mine is Superman]
Tim: Good question! I don't really have one.
Rooted: Who is your roll model?
Tim: My father, he's a very intelligent and kind man.
Rooted: What will be your greatest dream come true?
Tim: To establish my own clothing line and to break into the global market, otherwise designing for an international fashion house would be amazing! One can only dream.
Rooted: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Tim: Hopefully building and developing my own clothing line or else traveling and experiencing the world.
Rooted: Where or what is your 'Happy Place'? 
Tim: The tranquility of forests, whether Newlands or Kirstenbosch Gardens [Cape Town].
Rooted: Who is your favourite designer?
Tim: I've got too many to remember!
haha, Elie Saab and Marchesa
for amazing evening wear and 
viktor & rolf for pure inventiveness.  
Rooted: What has so far been  your 
proudest moment?
  Tim: Obtaining my Matric Distinction.
   Rooted: What is the one thing you want with you, if stranded on an island?
Tim: A magazine; that will keep  me occupied for hours.
Rooted: Tell us a bit about your designs in general.
Tim: I love the exclusivity and elegance of evening wear and edgy, unique and innovative streetwear. A woman can always look chic, this is a trend that can never die.
Rooted: What inspires you?
Tim: Everything and anything! Nature, architecture, books, film, friends. Inspiration is never ending.

Tim is a very inspiring young designer with a great knowledge of what the latest trends are, what combinations of fabrics work best, etc. As I said,  watch this space...

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