Monday, September 6, 2010

Pink Pigeon

Pink Pigeon was established in May of this year, by Lovia Delport. As you can see this girl has a true flair and talent for beautiful, detailed graphic design. Everything Lovia designs has a certain warmth about it. It's probably due to her attention to detail...

Lovia started off by studying Fine Arts at UNISA, but Graphic Design got the better part of her attention and she decided to follow her instincts and persue this. Andrew Owen School of Art provided just what she needed in terms of studying Graphic design. Because of the combination of Graphic design and Fine arts, her design is not just graphic, but also has that little 'Fine' touch in the detail.

"Two excellent teachers, Andrew Owen and Rosalind Burr, encouraged us to add fine art elements to design, elevating mundane to sublime." Lovia Delport

She started working as a graphics designer, after graduating, but as she says, her own ideas called and so decided to do her own thing. Thus Pink Pigeon found it's way into the design world. Lovia is truly passionate about what she does, you can see it in the work she produces. She is an extremely talented young lady of which I am sure we will still be hearing and seeing a lot. I think the name is brilliant too... Pink Pigeon. Visit her website for even more lovely designs.

All images and designs are copyright of the designer, Lovia Delport

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