Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cupcake Wrap

Thanks to Cupcake Wrap, from Durban, and their beautiful cupcake wraps, we had fun today baking cupcakes, icing them, me having to run to Checkers for some had-to-have glossy red cherries and then the photoshoot.

I decided to head home for the weekend, for some much needed chillaxing, much needed home made food and much needed TLC (Tender Love and Care). Also who could possibly have a better recipe for yummy cupcakes that will compliment beautiful cupcake wraps, than my mom / the photographer. These cupcake wraps are so great and work really well. They are strong and very practically designed to fit around the cupcake and become a great decoration plus a strong holder. There are different themes as well as colours to fit your specific theme. They have this size and now also have larger ones. For more information visit their website they have an entire catalogue on there as well!

After my mom took like a thousand photos, okey more like 54, we finally found the perfect ones... I Love Cupcake Wrap!

Photographer: Vera Auret
Cupcakes: me
Styling: Vera Auret

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