Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas wishlist_Coat hanger

I have a really small apartment, but so badly want a nice antique coat hanger! Not that I have many coats, or space for one :) I adore the twirly whirly old ones that are floor standing, I think they do so much for a space. If you don't have space though (like me) a wall mounted one is perfect. I absolutely love the Kapstok by Xander Kriel that you can see on the wall at Superette, they are available at WhatIfTheWorld. I also found this great one on Etsy! You can actually make it yourself (I hope the boyf is reading this post) All you need are a couple of different knobs and hooks and a nice piece of old wood! Maybe a DIY project in the near future...

 image from Hill-interiors

image from WhatIfTheWorld

image from Etsy

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