Friday, July 15, 2011


All images off the Love Milo website

I haven't blogged in like two weeks! And feel terrible, it's just a very busy time. But that is no excuse for neglecting doing what I enjoy most... blogging and finding stuff to blog about. So here we go, Love Milo. Started by a girl named Nicky who has a love for photography, black and white images and design. She has gorgeous ceramics, mugs, cups, plates, etc as well as tea towels, napkins and now also the travelling lanterns {bottom right photo}The lanterns are folded so you can carry it in your bag and just pop them up when you want to use them! So cute. I love this girl's stuff, especially the message mug, you get a ceramic pen with it and can write messages on the mug! ♥

Check out her website here

1 comment:

  1. im in love ! this is totally my stlye. plus i have a thing for mugs.


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