Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Since I started blogging, i have developed such a great love for photography. I'm no award winning photographer, I just enjoy taking photos and editing. At the moment I am so interested and in love with Lomography! I think Lomo photos are absolutely amazing (not the ones you edit on Photoshop, the real ones) and so special. So I wanted to look into doing a course in Lomography, but after scanning Exposure's website and reading a few 'how to' articles on the web, I have decided to pay Exposure (Old Biscuit Mill) a visit on Saturday to get myself a Lomo camera and just teach myself through trial and error. I am so excited and cannot wait to start experimenting, just don't know which one to go for yet...

Visit the Exposure website, they really have amazing cameras and any type of film you can think of! All images of the cameras are off the exposure website.

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