Monday, July 25, 2011

Congratulations to Paula on her beautiful new Vamp shop! We braved the terrible wind on Saturday and took a walk down to Albert road to pay the new Vamp a visit. It is so pretty and spacious and filled with amazing furniture, kitchenelia and lots of pretty stuff from South African designers and creatives such as GwenlovesHarold, Lauren Fowler, Mengsel, to name only a few. There are three different rooms full of pretties of which the last room {the grey one above} is only Mid century furniture... My favourite! 

There were so many people on Saturday, everyone excited about the new shop, there were even cupcakes for all to enjoy! How sweet :) Good luck in your shop Vamp and enjoy every moment!

Visit Vamp at 368 Albert road, Woodstock


  1. Love VAMP, love the new shop, super awesome. Now all I need to do is save a bit of cash for my lovely new purchases ;-)

  2. Love the photos, I'm sure the store is even lovelier in reality.


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