Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Good day all! I had a wonderful day of the boyf and I literally shopping till we dropped ( he still hasn't gotten up) It is so therapeutic to indulge in some minor retail therapy every now and then. 

We will also be hosting the parentals for dinner tomorrow night and I am so excited to show off my culinary skills and prepare something yummy for them... maybe I'll do a post about it!
The reason why I am sharing this very unimportant information is just because I want to tell everyone how much I love Woolworths food... I needed nice big brown mushrooms and also some vine tomatoes and couldn't find it anywhere except Woolworths of course... big smile, Woolworths I love you for having almost 10 different types of just tomatoes!

I posted a few awesome shirt prints from Springleap for your enjoyment, these are just some of the ones I like. There are a million others and will make great gifts for boyfriends, best friends and brothers, even girlfriends and sisters. You get them in guy and girl sizes and they are really awesome. How Springleap works is like this... You can join the Springleap world as a designer or creative and submit t-shirt print designs, then us other people can go vote and winning designs get printed and sold! How cool is that, they offer designers the chance to showcase their design skills.

Find Springleap here.

All images are off the Springleap website

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