Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gift wrapping

Hi all! I have been M.I.A for quite some time, but I am back now... Sorry to everyone, who actually reads my blog, that there hasn't been any new reads in a very long time, but thanks to those who still popped in.

I was supposed to do this post before Christmas. It is a few gift wrapping ideas (actually only two) But now it is a post about gift wrappings for all the 2012 birthday gifts :)

So the first gift was part of my mom's Christmas present from me... I got some nice brown boxes from Merrypack (my new best friend!) You can really find absolutely anything packagingy there. Shredded some newspaper to put in the box and then I put the fridge magnets and birdie salt and pepper shakers on top of the shreddings. I got some really nice fabric ribbon there also so I used two different types of ribbon. Then I used a wooden thingy, put some paint on it and used it as a 'stamp'. The second one was for my Dad, I just got a plain white gift bag sewed a ribbon to it and added a button and viola!

How cute are those salt and pepper shakers?! They were from @Home, but unfortunately are now sold out. Should have bought myself a pair also.

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