Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It was the boyf and my six years of being together on Monday, but because the restaurant he wanted to take me to really badly is closed on Sundays and Mondays we moved our anni to Tuesday (yesterday) He took me to Casparus in Stellenbosch, 59 Dorp street... what a restaurant! 

Casparus is co-owned by renowned chef Etienne Bonthuys and his artist friend, Strijdom van der Merwe. So there is a lot of art as you enter the beautiful, old house, then you walk through to the very open plan restaurant where you can see Ettienne Bonthuys at work in the kitchen. The restaurant is so open and you can either sit under the trees or under the very tree-like timber roof structure. It was certainly very pleasing for the taste buds as well as the eyes. The food is out-of-this-world-tasty and you get a complementary cocktail on arrival and also the best, warm fresh rolls while you wait for your tasty, saucy starter to arrive. It was absolutely devine to say the least and I would recommend it to anyone, well worth the visit and I will bet anything that we will find ourselves back there very very soon.

Here are some pics of the tree-like roof as well as all the art... (please excuse the bad quality of the photos!)

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