Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A peek into my living space...

As I said in the first "word from the editor", Rooted's ultimate goal is to become an online magazine. Of course, like with most things in life, we have to start small. So for now I am just posting stuff [not yet styling it myself for shoots] on great people I find and read about.
That is why I am so excited about today's post. The first 'magazine-like' post! Yay! I took some of my own favourite furniture pieces, styled it, photographed it and put it together to bring you this... A peek into my apartment. It is a small studio apartment that I share with my mister man and Omo puppy.I call it my happy place, I love being there with my boys and all my furniture [not in a sad way] and love having friends over.

We did a quick summary of all our stuff the other day and found that almost everything is second hand! I love having things that tell stories. Like this chair, it was my Granny's, it is almost as old as my dad and has even lived in Pofadder. The chair has seen kids grow up and having kids of their own which have grown up and some have kids of their own now. And now it has a wonderful Cape Town life. Also in the photo is a painting done by one of my friends, Kobus, a small side table I made myself [DIY craving] and it cost me nothing! My coffee plunger from Woolworths without wich I can never survive! And one of my hand-painted coffee cups. [painted by myself and my mister man]

 I am 23 years old and for the first time I have a double bed. Hence the single bed headboard. I love it though, no idea how old it is or where it comes from but it looks like it belongs in an old Cape Dutch farm house, beautiful! My kitchen table which is staying with me for the rest of my life, I got off Gumtree for almost nothing and just painted the legs. It looks brand new and the off-white colour really works great with our redish kitchen. It also holds many secrets, as I love having people over, opening a bottle of wine and just chatting around the table. 

One of my other dreams I have is to buy old furniture and restore it myself, like my dressing table which I also got off Gumtree in a terrible state minus one door. I sanded the entire unit, stained it, painted the drawers, got some really great knobs from my mom and added the polystyrene panels, from builders warehouse, where the cupboard doors were meant to be [Thanks to Aiden and Top Billing for the idea] Now it looks great, I don't think the previous owner will even recognize it, and I love it. Plus it is so special because I did it all myself! Got to love DIY. The side table/magazine rack is another DIY job. I had these laminate flooring samples, spray painted one grey and stuck them all together, the gap was a coincidence, so I filled it with my favourite Interior magazines. My dad gave me two small emboya ball and claw tables the other day and said if I want it I can have it, so the next time he saw them, they were painted white, a new-school twist to an old-school piece. I love it! My dad, not so much.

My favourite white fluff in the entire world... my Omo pup. He is awesomely amazing and every day, when I get home, he jumps up and down for about 10 minutes! How great is that? Every day. He is always always happy to see me and no matter how bad my day was, I then feel so much better and have a big smile on my face the rest of the day. The last pic is of my kitchen and even though that is just the one side of it, that is the larger side. It is teeny tiny, but I still enjoy cooking in it. The wooden hearts are from my beautiful mom and the blackboard [which is there for lists, which never get done, so never get taken off] is from Rustic frames. I really love my teeny tiny living space and everything in it is special to me in it's own unique way.

Styling: Ingrid
Photography: Ingrid  

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