Monday, July 26, 2010

Casamento_Old Biscuit Mill

Casamento showroom

Designers Starry Eve Collet and Henry du Rand believe in using 80% natural fibres in the ubholstering of their amazing furniture pieces. "The less foam we use, the less we harm nature". So they use alternative materials such as wool, coir, etc.

They opened their showroom at the Old Biscuit Mill in June 2010. A definite must-visit! Make an outing of it, on Saturday morning get the peeps together and go spend the day at the Old Biscuit Mill, enjoying the Neighbourgoods market and pop into Casamento.

They don't only stock their own hand-crafted furniture pieces, but also works by other amazing designers such as LITE by Porky Hefer. What an amazing design, so simple, but so beautiful! I would not be able to pick one though. Wood or high gloss DUCO? Maybe both for a great combination of smooth vs. textured. Casamento also stock the Plywood desk, recycled desk lamp, lean lamp and others from Pedderson + Lennard as well as an amazing table made from a single solid sheet of mild steel, bent into a Mid Century shape, designed by James Hannah. 

Truly a showroom you have to make time to go see. Also have a look at their website The Casamento furniture range is so interesting with a great combination of colour and texture working together to create fun, sophisticated furniture pieces that you have to have. Each piece seems to tell a story with fabrics used that have so much detail and frames that are shaped beautifully.

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