Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wren Design

Wren... how much more South African do you want! I am seriously considering investing in one of those travel bags. I love the materials used and shapes and sizes.

Wren was started in 2008 by a surface designer from Cape Town. It all started because she couldn't find a handbag: "I wanted something with a story, something beautiful, something not mass-produced and something practical and simple." So she made her own and it sparked a future! I love that.

She is inspired by nature and makes everything herself, except when she is too busy, she gets in some help. Busy girl!

The PPC laptop bag is made from an actual unused PPC cement bag! How awesome. It goes through many processes to make it strong enough. The coffee travel bags are made from actual coffee sacks and are 100% organic. South African + organic = winner!

Love this, go visit for more great bags and other random designstuffs. I'm off to go get myself a coffee travel bag... toodles

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