Saturday, August 14, 2010

Old Mac Daddy_continued

Old Mac Daddy Media Open day

What a great day, the drive was amazing and it's really not far from Cape Town. It's such a beautiful journey and as soon as I hit the gravel road it felt like I was going to arrive home any moment. Where there will be freshly baked bread and squeezed orange juice. On arrival there was no fresh bread or juice, but I sure did feel at home!

The feeling one gets when arriving at Old Mac Daddy is something different. It cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. You feel welcome, at home, relaxed, received and like you never want to leave. Lucky for all of us that made the journey up to the Elgin valley, it was a gorgeous day! Everyone chilled around the pool in the sun enjoying ice cold Grolsch beer and refreshing Appletizer cocktails. Mingling, getting to know each other or catching up and just really relaxing, escaping work, stress, city and life.

Shafeeka, from Rabbit in a hat, then gathered the troops and we all head down to the lake where everyone enjoyed the cool waterside deck-lounge by Grolsch. Jody, the owner, started telling us all about how it all started and his history. All the Airsream trailers had to be shipped over from America and it wasn't just that easy, a lot of people had to be convinced of a lot of things. Now they are here though and they are perfect. The Elgin valley is like a little piece of heaven and Old Mac Daddy trailer park is a huge gem in this heaven.

We then made our way up to the Grolsch trailer, where I had to stand very still for a few minutes and catch my breath. Yes I am super unfit, but lets just say it was because of the breath taking view from up there. The trailer is now officially christened "Metal Morphosis" after a lot of Grolsch beer was sprayed. The interior of the trailer is super fun. The entire inside had to be steel cladded in order to be fully magnetic. Design agency Coley Porter Bell together with Rotem Shachar did a great job in answering the, not-so-easy, brief and incorporated the Grolsch image in a very stylish manner. Not recreating a Grolsch bottle, but creating the look and feel using very subtle details.

As the day was winding down, the cool breeze moving in, we all took a tour of all twelve trailers. Seeing photos do not do them justice. You have to be inside them, experience the space and take in the design. They are all amazing and it will be very hard to pick just one to stay in. Maybe I'll just go twelve times to stay in all of them! The biggest surprise and best part is, the Daddy's Villa [for larger families, sleeps six] has an outside bath! Everyone's first reaction was the same: "Gasp! Aaaaaa! I want that." Beautiful.

What a great experience this day was. It was concluded with a relaxed, much appreciated cup of warm brewed tea and a koeksister. Well done to Old Mac Daddy, Rabbit in a hat and Grolsch on a great concept turned reality and a wonderful day. It was a great success and I can't wait to return! After such a special day of experiencing a little piece of heaven, meeting great people and just enjoying it all together, I was sad to leave. But all good things come to an end, at least this good thing, I can return to anytime I want.

Do yourselves a favour, go there! Nothing I possibly say can do it justice. For contact details and photos of the trailers refer to my previous post on Old Mac Daddy trailer park.

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