Thursday, September 2, 2010

Danielle Clough AKA Dee

As the saying goes, dynamite comes in small packages. This tiny Dee girl is a dynamic photographer. It all started as, and still is, a hobby and great passion of her. The bug bit her after she joined a site for amateur photographers, Danielle developed a great love for vintage film cameras and lomography and taught herself photography through this! Inspirational...

Even though she has not quite decided where she wants her photography to go, she does know her passion lies with film photography, and is still young and on her way to establish herself in whatever field of photography she grows into.

"I am really enjoying the process and seeing where it takes me."

According to her she is a voyeur and draws inspiration from the little things like people she knows, random people and observing what they wear, how they walk, etc. She has her own blog phop thop where she features a whole variety of her different photos showing just how diverse she is, go check it out. I picked only my favourites [even though I think they are all pretty amazing] to post with this feature. Enjoy...

All images are the copyright of Danielle Clough

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